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About Us

I2T was borne out of a desire to deliver more to our customers than billable hours. Solutions come from innovation, hard work, and collaboration not just putting guys at a desk to burn hours. At I2T every team member is keenly aware of the customer's requirements, the customer's goals, and the value of the customer's resources. This awareness is manifest in the relationships we've built. Whether government or commercial industry, I2T is laser focused on delivering value, whether it be test support, hardware integration, or combat zone sustainment, our team will deliver. 

From field operations in Afghanistan to Quality Assurance in the manufacturing sector to complex system of systems analysis, the I2T team brings the brightest minds and rock solid experience to complex problems, ensuring success. It's I2T's ability to understand the customers requirements, tailor a unique approach and execute a multi-layered solution that separates our organization from the standard contractor. From start to finish, I2T will see the job through. Your success is our success.

Today bunsiness is global and so is I2T with offices in the UK and UAE to better serve our customers.

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